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1. Vigyapti for the settlement of shops 2018-2019
2. DO Letter for EC to all DM reg. policy 2018-19
3. Varsh 2018-19 ke liye Aabkari niti ka nirdharan
4. Sheera varsh 2017-2018 ke liye niti ka nirdharan
5. Affidavits given with application for retail country liquar/foreign liquar/beer and model shop licences
6. Reg. making all kinds licences for of liquar and bhaang online and for licences for wholesale foreign/country liquar/beer. Notary and certifies affidavit.
7. Press Vigyapti    |   Information reg. Retail country liquar/foreign liquar/beer and model shop : Dtd 19-02-2018 new.gif (2364 bytes)

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