Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh

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 Division of District for Police Administration



                                 The district is divided into twenty six thanas for policing purpose to maintain law  and order. They are as follows: 1.Kotwali Nagar 2.Kotwali Dehat 3.Kurwar 4.Dhammaur 5.Kurebhar 6.Jaisinghpur 7.Gosainganj 8.Musafirkhana 9.Baldirai 10.Bazar Shukul 11.Jagdishpur 12.Jamo 13.Gauriganj 14.Munshiganj 15.Haliyapur 16.Amethi 17.Piparpur 18.Kadipur 19.Dostpur 20.Akhandnagar 21.Motigarpur 22.Lambhua 23.Chanda 24.Sangrampur 25.Kamrauli and 26.Karaundikalan.



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