Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh


                        Dress of the People


In the villages of the district the man usually wears kurta (long and loose shirts) or a ganji (half shirt), a dhoti,  an angauchha (scarf), and a turban or cap, and a woman saluka (loose blouse), dhotis/saris or a lehnga (long skirt) and an orhni (long scarf) to cover the head and the upper part of the body. The common dress of a male Muslim consists of a lungi or pyjama, a kurta or shirt, sometimes also a sherwani (long coat) and a cap or a turban and Muslim women wear pyjamas, kurtas and orhanis or dupattas (long scarf). Towns women ususally were saris and blouses and young girls salwars and pyjamas, kurtas and dupattas. Whereas the educated and more advanced townsmen dress in the western style, bushcoat or bush-shirts with trousers or slacks being the more popular dress.




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