Future Prospects of Information Technology in Sultanpur


                Computer awareness among the people has got a great leap during the later part of 1990s mainly due to  government l efforts. The  organisations such as National Informatics Centre (NIC), Natural Resources Data Management Systems (NRDMS), District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) etc. have been utilizing the computer resources for the analysis of various kinds of data from 1980s by installing their own computer systems (micro or mini-computers). These departments, by their widely distributed activities have expanded the use of computers in day to day office functioning in a continuous gradual manner.

                 Now, almost all the important government departments involved in  developmental works are using e-mail/web based applications for communicating their progress or achievements (financial or physical) to their respective State or Central head quarters.  However, main internet/e-mail service provider is still National Informatics Centre. The UP State Wide Area Network (UPSWAN) has also come into existence now providing net services to offices. The video conferencing facility of NIC established  at all the districts is also being used extensively. These services would get strengthened  in coming times.