General Profile of District

                 The head quarter of tehsil  Sadar is situated in Sultanpur city.

                  The Kadipur tehsil lies in latitude 26 degrees 10 minutes north and longitude 83 degrees 23 minutes east on Lucknow-Ballia road, a state highway, about 38 km south-east of Sultanpur. It is also connected with Pratapgarh and Jaunpur by metalled roads. Here is temple called Ram-Janaki Mandir built in 1923 by a peon of the tehsil.

                    Lambhua lies at a latitude 26 degree 8 minute north and longitude 82 degree 15 minute east on the metalled road from Sultanpur to Jaunpur about 27 km south-east of Sultanpur. A metalled road connects it with Kadipur which is about 22 km in the north-east.

                    Musafirkhana lies at latitude 26 degree 22 minute north and longitude 81 degree 48 minute east on Lucknow-Sultanpur road, a state highway, about 32 km north-west of Sultanpur. It is also connected by metalled road by  Gauriganj and Amethi tehsils. Formerly Musafirkhana was merely a bazar or rather its name implies a sarai having a number of them standing in the village of Bhanauli which gave its name to the place also.

                     Amethi lies in latitude 26 degree 9 minute north and longitude 81 degree 49 minute east on Raebareli-Amethi-Sultanpur road about 40 km south-west of Sultanpur. Also called as Raipur-Amethi of which Raipur belonged to the Raja of Amethi who lived at Ram Nagar but his ancestors used to reside in Raipur-Phulwari where the remains of the old fort are still found. Here is also a temple called Hanumangarhi and a mosque both built about hundred years ago. About three km north of Ram Nagar there is a tomb of famous poet and saint Malik Muhammad Jaisi where he died, and a fort built by Bachghoti Rajas.

                       Tehsil Gauriganj lies in latitude 26 degree 12 minute north and longitude 81 degree 42 minute east on Sultanpur-Raebareli road about 40 km south-west of Sultanpur. It is about 19 km north-west of Amethi on Raebareli-Amethi-Pratapgarh road. Gauriganj is made up of two villages Katra Lalganj and Madhopur. The bazar was built by Raja Madho Singh of Amethi and was one of the most important grain markets in the district. There is a temple of Lord Shiva and Ram-Janaki besides a mosque near Ramlila ground.

Note : Now AMETHI has become a district.

                                                            Tehsil wise Block's Population

    Tehsil                       Block Total Rural Population (2001 Cen) SC Pop. Literacy %
1.Sadar (Sultanpur) Dhanpatganj 142754 30415 57.07
Kurebhar 167938 33903 57.48
Kurwar 172802 26285 57.77
Dubepur 202874 34774 59.31
2.Kadipur Dostpur 107515 25646 54.14
Akhand Nagar 167586 45872 55.64
Kadipur 166395 44885 57.97
Karaundi Kala* --   -- --
3.Lambhua Bhadaiyya 133306 30640 57.60
Lambhua 152586 36791 55.76
Pratap Pur Kamicha 111871 25532 57.82
4.Jaisinghpur** Jaisinghpur 165335 37331 55.74
Motigarpur 84370 21697 56.99

                       *Newly formed block & ** Newly formed tehsil (pl. see Sankhyakiya Patrika).