The Departments Computerized

District Treasury:

              The Treasury Office of the District has been computerised way back in 1998 with the close coordination of National Informatics Centre (NIC) who developed the required software (TISNIC) and procured the computers. Two Pentium mechines with SCO Unix O/S and GIST based terminals are installed at the premises of the district treasury. Almost all the data processing and report preparation works of the office including Pension processing are being done with the help of computer now.

Economics and Statistics Office:

              Two Pentium -II, Windows based PCs are installed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) at this office for the processing of huge quantity of data gathered there at regular intervals. Required reports are generated in devnagari script using ISM s/w  of C-DAC. Preparation of Sankhyakiya Patrika is also done by computer. The department is also utilizing NICNET facility for e-mails and data transmission to their state head quarters.

Revenue Administration:

              The collection of main and miscellaneous dues has been computerised as ealy as in 1991. The necessary software for data processing and report generation was developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) after a thorough study of the system and is still being used. All the reports so generated are standardised ones and being used for sending the information to the Board of Revenue and Commissionery offices for monitoring etc.. In addition, all the Recovery Certificates (about 35,000 in number) are also being monitored and maintained with the help of computers.

Land Records Office:

               The Land Records of the district Sultanpur have been computerised fully. However, the updation of khataunis,  which is a continuous process due to mutations etc., is continuing. The whole data/information are stored in devnagari script.

Distt.Rural Development Agency:

                 District Rural Development Agency, Sultanpur is also utilising computers for financial transactions (allocation of money for various schemes to gram sabhas) and monitoring the implementation and progressive achievements of different developmental projects.

e-District & UPSWAN Projects:

The e-District Project has been implemented in District Sultanpur using UPSWAN. Details are available on