Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh

                                           The Jagdishpur Industrial Area


                           Jagdishpur is situated at about 60 km from the city of Sultanpur on the national highway No.56. Nihalgarh,  the nearest railway station on Lucknow-Varanasi route, is about 6 km from the main industrial area towards Sultanpur and has been a major market place for the local people or the people living in villages around it from a very long time. The place has been a major market itself and also  played a role as a  nodal centre for reaching to other important markets at other places. Well connected by roads with Lucknow, Raebareli, Sultanpur and Faizabad cities, Nihalgarh (about 27 km from Tehsil Musafirkhana) always played a significant role in the economic affairs of the natives of the region. During the period when prominent political personalities opted for Amethi as their parliamentary constituency (in 1980s), Jagdishpur was selected to be a most suitable place in the district for setting up heavy and medium scale industries for generating employment for locals and their multipronged development. Now it has become a grown up industrial area with Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. and Indo-Gulf Fertilizers being main establishments.



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