The Kadhu Nullah 

           This stream, the largest tributary of the Gomti, enters this district from district Raebareli, and after a course of about 37 km discharges itself into the Gomti. It is a combination of two streams. Between the parganas of Jagdishpur and  Gaura Jamo runs a lrage drainage channel known as the Naiya, a term applied to any rain stream. It is almost dry in the cold weather, but is a torrent in the rains. At Tanda in Jagdishpur, it is reinforced by another large water course which rises in Parwezpur to the north and  thenceforward the combined stream is known as the Kandu or Kadhu. In the southeast of the Jagdishpur it is joined by the another drainage channel serving the villages round into the north. In the extream northeast of the Gaura Jamon a third deep drainage channel, which runs irregularly from near Jamo and carries off the surplus from that village and the  neighbourhood, joins the mainstream. The banks are broken by ravines, and here and there is a small tract of jungle. The Kadhu Nullah then continues eastword through  pargana Musafirkhana, and joins the Gomti at Chandipur. Although it assumes considerable proportion after heavy rain, it is a shallow stream at other times, and there is never any danger of flooding along its course.