Literary Personalities

                 Among the distinguished Hindi scholars, the earliest known is Malik Muhammad Jaisi, who settled during the last period of his life in Amethi under the patronage of the kings of the place. His famous work is Padmavat, which deals with love theme of a high standard. In his another work Akhravat, a description of God, creation, soul etc. has been given. The subject of Akhri  Kalam is Doom's Day.

                Guru Datt Singh alias Bhupati, a king of Amethi, was a great poet. His important works are Satsai (written in 1678), Kantha Bhushan, Ras Ratnakar, Bhagwat Bhasha and Rasdip.

                 Udai Nath, born in 1679, was a great poet in the court of Himmat Singh and Guru Datt Singh, the kings of Amethi. He composed Ras Chandrodaya, Vinod Chandrika and Jaglila.

                 Sukhdeo (probably in the beginning of 18tn century) wrote Chhanda Vichar.

                 Sahaj Ram (1848) wrote Prahlad Charitra and Ramayana.

                 Chitipal Raja Madho Singh of Amethi (died in 1891) wrote Manoj Latika, Devicharitra, Saroj and Tridip.

                  Ram Naresh Tripathi (1889-1961) was born in village Koeripur, formerly in Jaunpur district now in Sultanpur district. He was poet, critic and dramatist. His important works are Pathik Milan, Swapna, Manasi, Premlok, and Goswami Tulsidas Aur Unki Kavita. He also edited seven volumes of Kavita Kaumudi.

                  Majrooh Sultanpuri, a great shayar (poet), contributed a lot to Urdu literature and film industry in later times.


Martyrs of Sultanpur



1.Indo-China War (1962) 9


2.Indo-Pak War (1965) 6
3.Indo-Pak War (1971) 10
4.Operation Pavan 1
5.Antisocial activities (J & K) 1
6.Opearation Vijai (1999) 1
7.Operation Rakshak 1
Total 29


The Stars of Kargil War

1.Sepoy Ram Nihor Yadav (1/3 Gorkha Rifles), Village Sonari, Sultanpur.

2.Naik Man Singh Yadav (5 Para regiment), Hayat Nagar, Sultanpur.

                     So far (from 1961 onwards) one officer and three soldiers from the district have been awarded Vir Chakra and two soldiers have got Sena Medal for their bravery and courage.