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              The Sultanpur town is one of the nearest towns for not only the local persons but also for the people who now belong to Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Nagar. Many of the personnels working in Indo-Gulf, BHEL and HAL are from outside. The current page gives following information.


1.How to Reach
2.Where to Stay
3.Dining Facilities
4.The Places of Interest
6.Recreation & Entertainment Facilities
7.Shopping Centres
8.Some Useful Phone Numbers


         Sultanpur is well connected by railways and roads from almost all the major cities of north India. It also has an airport at Amhat about 5  km away from the city. It is situated on the National Highway No.56,   141 km from Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh and about 145 Km from Holi city Varanasi. State highway connects it from Allahabad, 96 km, and Faizabad, the Divisional HQ situated at 56 km away. Delux and State Road Transport buses as well as local taxis are available frequently for these places.
                Direct train service are also available of Mail/Express trains connecting the city to Delhi, Bombay, Hawra (W.Bengal) and other neighboring states. Nearby districts are also connected by express and Passenger trains for local people. 
Sr.No. Name and Address of Hotel Ph.No.
1 Hotel Vijai Deluxe, Lal Diggi, Sultanpur (about 1.5 km from Bus station) 223092
2 Mohini Guest House, Bus Station Road, Sultanpur (Near Bus station) 240008
3 Raj Hotel, Bus Stand, Sultanpur 240668
4 Hotel Pushpanjali, Barhaiyabeer, Sultanpur (one km from Railway/Bus station) 224550
5 Gaurav Guest House, Rudra Nagar, Sultanpur 223244
6 Garden View Guest House, 1162, Sirwara Road, Sultanpur 221399


3.Catering, Restourants etc.
Sr.No. Name of Restaurant Ph.No.
1 Avantika Restourant, Bus station, Sultanpur . Veg.,Dining and snacks (north/south Indian etc.) available. One of the best in Sultanpur. 240431
2 Mehman Restourant, Pant stadium, Sultanpur. Veg.,Dining and snacks (north/south). 240514
3 Cool Home Restourant, Sundar Lal Market, Sultanpur, One km from bus station.Veg., onlysnacks (north/south/chinies) available. 224088
4 Cool Corner Restourant, Bus Station, GIC , Sultanpur. Veg.snacks available. 223500
5 Prem Deep Hotel, Near Bus Station, Sultanpur. Veg. sweets, sncks available. 226485
6 Agra Mishthann Bhandar, Chowk, Sultanpur. Sweets and snacks available.
7 Hotel Khadim, State Bank of India gate, Bus Station, Sultanpur. Non-veg lunch/dinner available 226635


4.Places of Interest
                     1. Devlok   : It is situated at 26 degree 11 minutes north lattitude and 81 degree 53 minutes south longitude on the way to Amethi  at 21 kms from Sultanpur near Tikri bus stop from where it is 3 kms  in Gauravpuri Kshetra where the Holi Samadhi of Ghasibaba is situated and is belived to the way to  Heaven by local people.
                     2. Koond   : Around 300 years back it was  a place of penance of Sawami Lokdas who had two more brothers Sahajram & Durgadas. There is a place in the west known as 'Satyasagar' and is a famous spot.
                     3. Sitakund: This is in the north of Sultanpur city on the bank of Gomti river and belived  to be a place where The Sita the wife of Lord Rama had taken a bath on his way to exilement. 
                     4. Vijethua : Here is situated a grand temple of Shri Hanumanji who, according to the local belief  killed the demon Kalnemi sent by Ravana to obstruct him from bringing the Sanjeevni Booti for Laxmana. The story of Makri, who got  Nirvan by Shri Hanuman ji, is also linked to the same event and the Sarover, where she lived is still existing here.  A fair is orgnised on each tuesday.
                     5. Satthin Sharif :  Here ten days fair of urs is organised every year. Shah Abdul Latif and his contemporary baba Madari Shah were reknowned fakirs of their time. The samadhi of Shah Abdul Latif is situated here on the bank of Gomti.
                     6. Dhopap : Lord Rama had taken a dip here on the advice of Maharshi Vashishth. Devotees having faith vist the place on Dussehara to wash their sins in the river Gomti. There is a grand temple built here.
                     7.Pali : A very artistic, ancient Murti of Sun God is situated here.
                     8. Kotwa : There is a grand temple at Kotwa near Kisni of Lord Vishnu where a beautifully carved statue of the Vishnu made of white marble is situated.
                     9. Koeripur : Here various temples of Shri Hanumanji, Lord Rama & Sita and Bagwan Shanker, and pokharas are built by local business people making the town area a beautiful attractive place. A great fair is organised on the Purnima of Kuaar month of Hindu calender when over ten thousand people gather here.
                    10.Lohramau: This place is about 8 km from the Sultanpur city and is one of the most important places for local populace. Here is situated a large temple of Goddess Durga.

5.Medical Services

SNo. Hospitals /Nursing Homes & Distance from Collectorate Ph.No.
1. District Hospital,Sabzi Mandi,Sultanpur, One km. 102,224104, 223339
2. Gomti Hospital,khairabad,Sultanpur, One km. 223590
3. Gaurav Hospital,Allhabad Road,Sultanpur, Two km. 224758
4. Sharan Nursing Home, Laxman Pur, Allahabad Road, Sultanpur, Two km. 240818
5. Karunasharya Hospital, Allahabad Road, Sultanpur, Walkable distance 225156
6. Sunder Devi  Eye Hospital, Dariyapur,Sultanpur, One km. 240384
6.Recreation & Entertainment Facilities

Cinama Halls

S.No.    Cinama Hall & Distance from Bus Station Ph. No.
1. Avadh Chitra Mandir, Dariyapur , Sultanpur, 2 Kms.      240324
2. National Talkies, Near   Panchrasta, Sultanpur, 2 Kms 240425
3. Suraj Talkies, Dariyapur, Sultanpur, 2 Kms.    240386
4. Rajshree Palace, Lohramau Road, Sultanpur, 1.5 Kms. 228266


                  There are  two main public parks  in Sultanpur city.  First, Paryavaran Park, which is situated at the southern bank of river Gomti in civil lines , is the latest park built specially for children and youth. The park has a lot of attraction for children and covers a large area at the bank of Gomti. The  second park, at  Amhat  (known as Amhat Park), maintained by Horticulture Department is located at about 5 kms   from the city and is one of the important picnic spots of Sultanpur full of greenry and colorful flowery patches.


                  The Rotary, Lions and Sultanpur clubs are the main and prestigious clubs of the district which are engaged in various social and cultural activities apart from provision for healthy entertainmment.
7.Shopping Places, Markets
                       Sultanpur being a 'C' class city (as per central government classification), has a common type of market in the municipal area. The Super Market, also know as Sundar Lal Market, is situated near the telephone exchange (1 km) from the roadways bus station. This modern shopping complex is built recently  and houses a few offices also. Almost all kinds of items of daily use may be obtained at this place. The other main area, the clock tower or chowk, commomnly known as ghanta ghar (about half km from bus station), also provides the facility for marketing of varieties of items of general domestic consumption including garments, cosmetics,  food grains,  vegetables etc.. Different beautiful  shops are spread near the clock tower or alongside the roads coming towards it. Apart from these two main shopping areas, the things of daily use or importance are also available locally almost in all the muhallas.

                        One more place, the Baadh Mandi is also an important shopping place for baadh, the string used in wooden bamboo cots. The market is held on tuesdays and saturdays of the week. The Baadh Mandi is about one and half km from the bus station.

 8.Some Useful Phones

Sr.No. Name of Place Phone No.

District Information Office


Sultanpur Railway Station Enquiry


Roadways Bus Station Enquiry


Electrict Complaint/Enquiry


Fire Station near Khursheed Club


Fire Station near Tikonia Park


Medical Stores (Garg & Belahri respect.)

7. District Magistrate Camp Office 240203