Education (Basic Shiksha and DIET)

To undertake academic and resource work in reaching the grass-root level of various tasks being undertaken in the field of elementary and adult education. Acting as a guide for Diet itself. To reach national goals to the village level. Training of pre and retired teachers in the service. Guidance, material development, appraisal equipment development, functional research and innovation.Take the learning process through lectures but not through experiments, exercises, discoveries, innovations etc. To emphasize the use of local resources in teaching / training. Adding curriculum to learning activities Encourage good work and promote promotion. Emphasizing on the ever-changing tendency of learning to live life. Experiments and performances are done in the schools of the Love Area.The Basic Education and District Education Training Institute performs the following functions:

  • Academic guidance and counseling.
  • Academic resource/material.
  • Academic support and extension service.
  • Educational Innovations & Experimentations.
  • Educational planning, monitoring & evaluating programme.
  • Training need assessment of preservice / inservice teacher BRC/NPRC Coordination.
  • Developing and managing training design.
  • District level training, competition workshops, seminars, conferences and exhibitions.

Address-District Institute of education and training
Vivek Nagar, Sultanpur
Uttar Pradesh
Pin Code-228001
Phone No : 05362-221693(BSA)

Proposed Centre Allotment for Exam Year-2019.