Moonj(Baadh) also consider as a product in under one district one product (ODOP) scheme.However the cluster of artisans engaged in making of ropes from locally available grass known as Moonj is flourishing day by day. Moonj grass is found in abundance in some parts of UP. Sultanpur is one of them. This natural fibre is used to make domestic and daily household products. Rope weaving in itself is a traditional practice of India; the locals started using the grass to weave traditional baskets, ropes and woven cots etc. Coiling a few strands of semi dried Moonj grass creating a radial pattern or folding it in specific parameters to crate various useful products. Finally the ropes and woven cots are closely tied with jute thread to ensure the structure is in place.Baadh (Moonj), a type of string used for knitting house cots, is main handicraft of Sultanpur.

Badh (moonj string)

Cot using baadh.

A Bundle of Badh(Moonj)

Moonj Grass

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